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Overall Rating
"Very efficient and friendly driver. "  on 10-Mar-2018
"The taxi was a little late (15 minutes) and the only contact details I could find indicated that I should ring a number in Amsterdam!! However, when it did turn up everything went very well."  on 19-Jan-2018
"It was good but the driver didn’t know the house number so I had to go and find his car up the road."  on 18-Jan-2018
"Driver was on time, polite and no problem with finding my home"  on 10-Jan-2018
"Great service. Clean vehicle and pleasant driver"  on 19-Dec-2017

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Testimonials Average rating is 4/5 based on 341 reviews

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AMY ELLIS  on 10-Mar-2018 Verified Rider "Very efficient and friendly driver. "
LAUREN THORNE  on 09-Feb-2018 Verified Rider "Absolutely awful - they went to the wrong hotel to collect despite the information being correct, only send one taxi instead of two, again despite two being requested so an Uber had to be ordered to bring the remaining guests, which then caused everyone (including clients that we were entertaining) to be 20minutes late to an event. NOT impressed - will never use again."
ALEX RICKETTS  on 01-Feb-2018 Verified Rider "The driver was late picking up, tried to refuse to take my snowboard and then on return they did not show up. Had to make a number of calls to get picked up one hour later in the rain. Complained but advised that it was ok because they turned up in the end. I have asked my credit card provider to reverse the charge. Terrible experience overall."
MALCOLM DUNN  on 19-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "The taxi was a little late (15 minutes) and the only contact details I could find indicated that I should ring a number in Amsterdam!! However, when it did turn up everything went very well."
ADRIENNE KNIGHT  on 18-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "It was good but the driver didn’t know the house number so I had to go and find his car up the road."
RICHARD BOULTON  on 10-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "Driver was on time, polite and no problem with finding my home"
HELEN PREDDY  on 05-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "The only downside was the driver on the first journey didn't help with our luggage "
HEATHER THOMAS  on 21-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Much too expensive to book online. Ordered taxi over the phone for return journey and it was nearly half the price! Won't be doing this again."
MARION WEY  on 19-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Great service. Clean vehicle and pleasant driver"
LEANNE JOINER  on 19-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Was excellent "
DAVID GORE  on 17-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent apart from slight problem understanding driver"
CAROL HOUNSLOW  on 14-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Always excellent service. We've used Suro Cabs for 20 years and have never been let down. "
LIANKA VARGA  on 08-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "It was great but would have been great if I received a text to let me know the driver had arrived so I wouldn't have to wait outside for ages."
KRISTINE TVETEN LACHE  on 08-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Nice driver A little bit late"
FERNANDA COSTA  on 08-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service "
HANNU KAUPPINEN  on 07-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Car arrived 15 min late. Driver tried to charge me a fee, although I had paid online."
NANCY NORTH  on 04-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "On return no driver in arrivals area so we waited. In fact we rang him eventually to find he was waiting in the car park drop off and pick up. This hadn't been explained on outward trip and needs to be done in future to avoid confusion as contrary to your advice on the form."
HELEN DURNFORD  on 04-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Online booking was easy. Driver called to let me know he was there and arrived on time. Journey was good and comfortable. Overall great service and will use again and recommend others in the future. Thank you 😁"
ANDREW THEOBALD  on 28-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Both booked journeys were on time- in fact a few minutes early saving extra stress (getting to a wedding). Drivers very good and cars tidy and exactly what we wanted. Will use again without worry."
MARK HAYES  on 26-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Really good service. Highly recommended "
KATHARINE JAVID  on 26-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Easy booking online, confirmation was prompt. Great to have a text when taxi arrived with reg number. Taxi arrived early and was parked right outside, a pleasant and professional driver. Thanks"
LIAM STEW  on 26-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Extremely late arriving both ways."
NICHOLAS ZALEWSKI  on 21-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Quick on time for connection A1a"
TOM MANGAN  on 20-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "The guy arrived 30 mins early, then left and came back 5 mins late, with no petrol, he did not know how to turn on his full beams, he was driving crazy fast on winding country roads that he was not familiar with, without his lights up bright enough to see where he was heading, he almost crashed twice, on unforseen bends. I'm sure he was a nice dude, and needed to work at 0200 in the morning - however, he needs to check himself before he injures either himself or someone else."
TRACY SMITH  on 13-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Taxi was on time but never advised he was there. We only knew as we went outside Very expensive as return journey was less than £20"
HENK OVERBEEK  on 10-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Driver was 15 minutes late, seemed unexperienced."
KEIRAN HARDIE  on 10-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Hi, My taxi arrived 20 mins late for this booking, resulting in me arriving late to an important meeting. This is not the service I expect when I am paying almost £60 for a 25 min journey... Can you please advise around how I can lodge a formal complaint and request a refund? Keiran"
DANIEL CLARKE  on 08-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "good experience"
JAMES BRIDGWATER  on 07-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Helpful driver getting to difficult to find destination "
HANNAH GREGORY  on 07-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "I booked a taxi and was given a price. I was then reallocated to another company. The Taxi turned up on time and the driver was really nice. But I have now been charged for the original Taxi and the second one. "
CHRIS HOWARTH  on 02-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "On time. Nice driver "
SHANEEL NAIDU  on 01-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Not happy, I want the Return trip disputed with EuroTaxi's as it didnt occur. Look forward to the refund being processed as per my discussion with Taxicode staff"
ANGELA SNOW  on 30-Oct-2017 General Feedback "When I rang to order my taxi I could tell man wasn't listening g to me as be kept talking to someone else in background. Taxi did not Arrive and I had to catch another train an hour later. Was being met at other end so it inconvenienced my friend picking me up. Would never use this company again. Appalling!"
REBECCA ODONOVAN  on 17-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "The driver was 15mins early, which I understand may be good for some people but for us it was a nightmare as we had only just got to the hotel. It also made is too early for our class. The driver was also extremely grumpy. And the price was a bit steep when we compared it with the cost of the taxi back to the hotel which we got off the nearby rank."
NAOMI FOWLER  on 16-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "On the first journey the taxi went to wrong address. When he said he was at my house and I told him he wasn't outside my house, he didn't apologise for being at the wrong address, instead he complained that he had the wrong postcode - which wasn't the postcode I had given - insinuating it was my fault, which it evidently wasn't. He was at the wrong address not at the postcode I had given. He was subsequently late with no apology. We arrived later than we had intended. On the way back, again the taxi driver went to the wrong place. We waited 20 minutes, but had no phone service so couldn't contact the taxi firm, then, as they were so late, borrowed a phone to contact them. They said the taxi driver was waiting (at the wrong place up the road) for 20 mins. He then came to where we were. Instead of apologising for going to the wrong place and making us wait in the cold for 20 minutes, he complained to us that he had been waiting a long time for us. I tried to explain that we had also been waiting for that time (we had been outside at the right time) and that he'd gone to the wrong place. He wouldn't accept this, saying he'd seen taxis going to where he was waiting. At this point my husband said 'you're taxi firm is sh*t'. Admittedly he shouldn't have said this, but instead of responding professionally, the taxi driver told us to 'get the f**k out of my car'. He then ranted a lot about phoning the police and said that he'd take someone else instead of us. As we were in a remote place and hadn't meant to cause offense, we apologised and said was he able to take us, as if not we'd have to get out and book another taxi. He turned the engine back on and left. For the rest of the journey home the driver was evidently very angry. Twice he came across a slow car in front. Both times he drove very closely to them, kept flashing his headlights frequently and in an intimidating way, then overtook at a point he wasn't meant to. His driving was erratic, dangerous, above the speed limit and probably meant to intimidate us - or at least let us know how cross he was. To be honest I did find it intimidating as it felt very dangerous. He dropped us off without saying a word. So, we booked two taxis to take us to and from a wedding; they were both late, both went to the wrong address (despite me giving the correct addresses and postcodes), one told us to fuck off and drove dangerously and irresponsibly. Don't think I'll be using them again to be honest and will advise all my friends to avoid them. We were going to complain but life's too short; we'd had a wonderful day and we didn't want to hold onto the upset and anger of the journey home. But as you've asked for feedback, it's only fair to tell it how it was. "
CHRISTINE PERRETT  on 27-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "We had two journeys with your taxis. The first to the airport was awful. The taxi arrived late causing us angst and the rattling in the back of the car was so loud we could not hear ourselves speak. I have had better experiences in the third world. The driver was pleasant. However the return journey was in complete contrast being prompt, comfortable and the driver was friendly. It was like dealing with two companies."
SUE WOODHEAD-MARSH  on 18-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "The journey outwards (7th Sept from Stoke Gifford to Bristol Airport) was very good. Driver arrived on time, good journey etc. However on the return (18th Sept meet and greet from the airport to Stoke Gifford) the driver did not turn up. We waited over half an hour from the requested pick-up time. Tried to contact someone by phone but with no success. As we had already paid for both journeys, it's is extra annoying. Please can you advise how we would arrange a reimbursement. Thanks."
PETER MARSHALL  on 18-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Very punctual, good taxi, will definitely use you again."
SEBASTIEN ROCHAT  on 17-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "No meet and greet, having to insist for the driving to wait for my guest's delayed flight, terrible service. No thanks, there are plenty of cheaper, if not better, options."
MICHAEL MORRIS  on 28-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Very good service and came back to pick us up as missed the taxi the first time......."
MICHELLE EKIN  on 21-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "The driver was about 10 mins late which was a bit worrying as we were in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal so no way to contact him and had to get a train, but when he arrived he was really nice and friendly and got me to my destination quickly. Good price and really appreciate him coming to pick me up from a music festival rather than a proper address!"
RUVENA DEY  on 21-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent, would highly recommend. "
JANE HERRINGTON  on 21-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Friendly & helpful driver"
CARMEN GONZALO  on 21-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent attention"
MARY HERBERT  on 20-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "No problems!"
FIONA GLOVER  on 19-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Very nice driver who turned up on time and called to say he'd arrived- didn't beep horn which was good as I think thats very inconsiderate. Pleasant journey. "
FABIO POLANO  on 15-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Will definitely book again with you"
JOANNE COX  on 15-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "The first taxi arrived,lovely clean mercedes and pleasant driver but would have thought the taxi firm would have found out the best place to drop people for the balloon fiesta. I had a very very long walk to the event. Although I rang and rearranged my return taxi time and they came more or less straight away,the taxi back left much to be desired! It had no taxi plates and was filthy and I very nearly didnt get in and wouldn't have if I hadn't already paid for it. This is not what you would expect from a meet and greet upper class taxi company!! WILL NOT USE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!"
WENDY HOWSE  on 08-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Very good service. "
LISA ALDER  on 07-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Lovely service, on time, exactly what we needed. Not taxis were lovely driven by lovely gents. Thanks very much!"
MARGUERITE GRAHAM  on 31-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Although I ordered a mini bus for 8 people 2taxis turned up so no problem would use again "
NIKOLETTA KOUCHARSKA  on 20-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Great service!"
JAMILA AL ADWANI  on 12-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Stress free journey in a very comfortable vehicle"
HELEN COOKE  on 12-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Really pleased with the whole experience. We had a lovely driver and we really enjoyed the drive home. There was a great deal of peace of mind knowing that someone would be waiting for us when our train arrived. I would definitely use this service again."
CLAIRE RADISSON  on 11-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Very pleasant driver"
JAN HAILSTONE  on 10-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Really simple to book, arrived on time, nice drivers and good cars, definitely use again"
GUY FEARON  on 05-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "My Son who is 13years old and was a bit worried about going in a Taxi on his own. He said the whole experience was great. Thank You."
NEIL JAMES  on 26-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Nice cab"
HILARY HENRIQUES  on 22-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service from booking to exceptionally comfy ride. Will use again. "
TOM BENNET  on 21-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Bit late, other than that, all good. "
LINDA PICK  on 02-Jun-2017 General Feedback "What a ridiculous charge £79 for 4 miles "
GRAHAM LAWSON  on 16-May-2017 Verified Rider "Nice car"
CAMERON SIMPSON  on 16-May-2017 Verified Rider "Driver was there on time and really talkative during the hour taxi ride. Good all around service."
JOANNA HERRING  on 30-Mar-2017 Verified Rider "Taxi 30 mins late. Had booked previous evening and called to confirm. Driver said he was free for a long time before company gave him the job. "
RACHEL DAVEY  on 27-Mar-2017 Verified Rider "Really good and very reliable service! only downside was the driver didn't realise we had already pre-paid and asked for £65.00"
HUW BROWN  on 08-Mar-2017 Verified Rider "On time, driver polite, cab clean and modern, cab well driven = good service. I would use again."
JUNE GODFREY  on 01-Mar-2017 Verified Rider "The driver was at the car park in front of Bristol Temple Meads Station at 12.45. Unfortunately I didn't realise that for a little while and continued to wait in the station but I came out and found the taxi. Coming back the driver was outside Bristol Cruise Terminal at about 9.45 and I met him when I disembarked at about 10.15. Both drivers were courtous and helpful. The second one even put my hand luggage bag on top of my case with the handles looped around the case handle to make it easier to wheel along."
SAM TAYLOR  on 28-Feb-2017 Verified Rider "A very polite and friendly driver who really took the time to get me to my exact destination despite awful driving conditions (heavy rain). Many thanks for such a great service. First time I have used you, it won't be the last."
RACHEL BRADSHAW  on 14-Feb-2017 Verified Rider "Lovely driver, on time and very polite. "
JACK MOSS  on 29-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Was 11 mins late and would've been worse if I didn't call. Other than that was pretty good and I got to be where I was just in time"
ABBEY CLARK  on 23-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Very friendly, overall excellent service."
LIZ HANKIN  on 20-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "It was dreadful. I had a text telling me the driver would pick me up at 4.00, I had booked at 5.00. I text him to say come and 5. I tried to phone - no answer. Phoned the number on email booking - they said they knew nothing about my booking. I got through to you at a number the other cab people gave me. You confirmed my booking was for 5 and told me the driver now knew it was for 5. The driver arrived at 4 and tried to phone me, I was presenting to a meeting with my phone on silent as I was satisfied the pick up would be at 5. Fortunately someone saw him and he agreed to wait as they knew I had to catch a train and he couldn't guarantee that there would be anyone else free. I then had to pay for an hour of his time on top of the payment already made. He had it down as cash payment I had already paid on my business card. Drive was superbly polite but the whole thing cost me in excess of £60 + instead of the quoted £22. I would be delighted if you published this! Needless to say a complaint is on it's way."
ARTHUR JONATHAN SERNA  on 11-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Everything went well except that having the details (change of pick-up time) of my booking revised was not done."
JESS STEEL  on 09-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Couldn't have been better. Waiting for me at the station. Comfortable and safe drive to the destination. Excellent service. "
MIKE WOODCRAFT  on 08-Jan-2017 Verified Rider " excellent and courteous service from Paul. A big thank you for taking care of my elderly father"
KATHRYN STURROCK  on 04-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Arrived in good time. Friendly driver and professional service."
ALEXANDROS GRAMMATIKOS  on 03-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "everything fine"
HILARY LAMBERT  on 11-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Really nice driver, great comms, on time pick up. My first time using this company but would use again in a heartbeat. "
SARAH  on 31-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "Taxi driver to airport was excellent - taxi driver home was not to the same standard, but I would use you in the future. "
RENATA RUTKOWSKA  on 27-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "Very good"
RICHARD GRIMMETT  on 24-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "Courteous drivers arrived on time for collection from both my home address and airport. Modern clean vehicles with good knowledge of traffic and local roads. I will definitely look at using again."
CHARLIE TYLER  on 17-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "Perfect communication with driver and a pleasure to be in the car with, defiantly will be using the service again"
JEMIMA WILLARD  on 21-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "Booking & paying was nice & easy & I felt comfortable with this company - I do not know the area at all, we were there on a weekend away, so it was important that I felt confident in them! The pick up for the first vehicle was on time, but we were then waiting for the second & had to ring the office but they arrived a while after so it was fine :) Again there was some confusion with the second vehicle for the return journey - the first vehicle arrived, but the second phoned to say he was there, but then disappeared & we couldn't then get in touch so we actually started walking, but he eventually phoned back and came to get us! None of this was a big problem though, and I have to say the drivers were very good & patient to deal with a rather drunk group! So overall, happy :) thank you very much."
CORINNE WEIS  on 20-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "My driver was excellent. I felt very safe with his driving. He was very personable. I would use your service again and would request my driver again if needed. "
HELEN  on 17-Sep-2016 General Feedback "Polite telephone operators, prompt cab arrival, good price and friendly driver! Good service :)"
REX HOBBS  on 12-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "Arrived early; was extremely pleasant. I'm sold on the service!"
ZHANNA TAMENOVA  on 05-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "We had a very pleasant journey and service. Appreciated. "
RINA BHAKTA  on 01-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "Excellent, clean, on time and the driver waited for us as we got into the taxi before heading off for our wedding. Car that arrived was lovely and driver professional and safe driver."
RACHEL ANDREW  on 27-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "Journey from Bristol to Heathrow. Friendly driver and nice car, arrived a little late but local traffic was terrible. When I called to check (as I hadn't used the service before) the phone was answered within one ring and the operator knew from my number who I was and could quickly identify where the car was and expected arrival time. Will happily use the service again."
JOANNIE CARWITHEN  on 24-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "Cannot fault this booking, obviously the pick-up is still to happen, but my first experience of this site is promising."
JEFF MONKS  on 14-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "Satisfactory collection and journey home - timely service albeit a little pricey."
JEAN LYTHGOE  on 22-Jul-2016 Verified Rider "Easy booking system, punctual, very good driver. Would use them again."
ROB EGGINTON  on 20-Jul-2016 General Feedback "I got hit by a card fee of over £3.50 for a £76.50 booking. That's a 5% fee. Could you tell me why I am getting passed on a 5% fee for processing a Visa credit card? I thought most merchants got around 1-2.5% fees. If it's not just for the card, then perhaps it should be marked as such so that people like me don't get confused by the addition of a fee at the last minute. Thanks. "
ROBERT KELLAWAY  on 13-Jul-2016 Verified Rider "The Taxi arrived on time Driver was very helpful The whole journey was a pleasant experience Good start to a short break for my wife and I "
JULIUS MCPHERSON  on 11-Jul-2016 Verified Rider "40 minutes late on the outward journey 15 minutes late on the return journey despite being booked the day before. You should offer me some money off."
ROBERT FLOOK  on 27-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "booked on line 7 days before required driver turned up a week early and was told it was for the following week and half hour before taxi due had a text to say was not available untill 9.30 so 15 minutes late"
CHRISTINE TAYLOR  on 27-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "Excellent - especially as I accidently booked the taxi for the wrong day. They answered the phone quickly and sent a taxi straight away."
RICHARD JOHNSON  on 26-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "Prompt response to my question. Friendly driver - early not late. Couldn't fault the service in any way. Will be using you again!"
ANNA FARQUHARSON  on 03-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "Taxi was well over 15mins late which meant we missed our activity. Didn't apologise or give explanation We asked to move our return taxi home 15mins earlier so that we wouldn't miss our return train but the next driver didn't know about this so we missed our return train. Would never use your company again and would activity warn others not to bother. "
FREDDIE HEATH  on 02-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "On time, we had 4 drivers, three were very nice one seemed to be in a rush even though we were there on time, didnt let someone get in the taxi and sped off. Other than that we got where we needed to on time."
LORENZO BERNINI  on 24-May-2016 Verified Rider "No one came to pick us up and no one answered the phone"
ELIN BURGESS  on 17-May-2016 Verified Rider "I immediately requested my taxi to be cancelled, it wasn't. The driver wasnt informed so his time was wasted too."
DAVID HARRIS  on 17-May-2016 Verified Rider "Very efficient at all points"
CHAD MCDONALD  on 30-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "The taxi was ready for us at the requested time. The journey to the destination was good. "
GILLIAN COX  on 24-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "the taxi didn't turn up, we contacted the company who informed us that they did not have our booking. We had booked a twelve seater mini bus at a cost of £75.00 to take us home from our daughters wedding party. this was an unfortunate end to a wonderful day.the taxi had been booked for 00:15. and had been confirmed. we eventually got a taxi 1 hour and twenty minutes later.staff at the venue had to wait until we were able to leave. I am unlikely to use you booking service again. "
MARJORIE SANDERSON  on 15-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "Extremely polite and nice driver."
TRACEY  on 14-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "Reliable - would use service again."
YONGCHEOL KIM  on 11-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "First driver was absolutely terrible. He never helped ue to folding seat. He looked ignore us!!! He looked have Racism. Return's taxi driver was best. I don't want to meet that driver again!!!"
SIMON HISCOCKS  on 05-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "thanks"
AMY NATOLI  on 04-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "Couldn't have gone more smoothly - worked really well. The driver was excellent. Just what I needed after a red-eye flight."
PAUL SLATER  on 30-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "everything was perfect - after a long flight we were picked up and transported home with ease, in a great car with a great driver"
COLIN JOHNSTONE  on 21-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "Presentation of cab and driver poor. Nice guy but not professional. The cost of the journey was horrendous though. £32:50 to travel 5 miles in 15mins...."
MAGGIE LEWIS  on 20-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "On time, nice clean cab."
CELINE BERTHEAU  on 09-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "NTR"
JO POWELL  on 09-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "The driver arrived 20 minutes late. We needed to contact the office to ask where he was. When he arrived he said he had been at the address twice which was a lie. We had been waiting outside the property from 5.30am ready for the driver. We did make our flight but only because we had allowed time with the booking. "
BETH ABBOTT  on 07-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "The service that was provided to me was excellent. Everyone I spoke to was very pleasant. I also changed my pickup time at short notice. A taxi was sorted very quickly. Taxi driver was lovely. Will definitely be booking again. Thanks so much guys!"
CHRISTINA GIAVASI  on 02-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "Booked on the internet late at night and confirmed by the phone, A driver was available and there on time."
RITA HUMPHREYS  on 28-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "Very good . Looked after my elderley mother . Helped her with her bags . Would book again . Thank you xxx"
ELLIOT TOMASEVIC  on 27-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "Taxi arrived promptly and the driver was very friendly would definitely use the company again. "
ALESSANDRO DI FALCO  on 21-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "Driver was good but asked if we needed help to offload our luggages, but I expected him to help us without asking. Music during the journey was not that good for me. Good service anyway."
TYMOTEUSZ PAUL  on 21-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "Well let's see. First they arrived 10 minutes late, not a very big deal but when heading to an airport it's a problem. Then there is that they arrived WITHOUT a child sit, despite confirming order for it and only by sheer luck of us having an old car seat we did not miss our plane due to that, because where else are we going to get a cab at 5 freaking am? "
DENISE CHAFFER  on 16-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "Great service, thanks"
ANDREW BUSH  on 11-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "There wasn't much leg room available in the back of the car, I let it go because it was only a relatively short journey."
CARRIE-LEE JONAS  on 09-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "Booked a Mercedes sprinter for 7 of us at 9pm. At 9.15 one car turned up, unable to take us all together. Approx 10 minutes later an extra car came along. 25 minutes after the arranged pick up time, we should have left, but one driver decided to have a cigarette break instead. He was friendly enough throughout the duration of the journey, but didn't have his full attention on the road and kept slowing down for some reason. "
LUCY CLOVES  on 08-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "Very helpful."
JENNY  on 31-Jan-2016 General Feedback "Awfull!!!!!! I did book a taxi (12noon) for at 9pm service. The worse customer service from call center Taxi arrived 25 min late"
SCOTT SPRUCE  on 28-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "very good will use again"
SCOTT SPRUCE  on 27-Jan-2016 Verified Customer "easy to use and fast response"
ELLIE MELLING  on 25-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "Driver was outside at exactly the right time. Booking online was a bit confusing because I didn't get a confirmation email back for a few days. "
TONY WILDAY  on 25-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "Good all round"
JOSEPHINE NABARRO  on 24-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "Fantastic drivers, punctual and reliable as always. Would like to extend my praise the driver bringing me home, very kind and polite. Will definitely be using the service again,"
NALINI T  on 23-Jan-2016 General Feedback "I'm a French student and I live between Paris and Bristol . I've always used taxi Bristol to go to the airport and to take me back home . I've never had a single complain until now . But this time I had the worst driver ever . He didn't help me with my heavy suitcases like the previous drivers did . He used his phone while driving , didn't respect the speed limits , didn't slow down on humpbacks . It was a very uncomfortable ride and I didn't feel safe at all "
KATHY PENG  on 21-Jan-2016 Verified Customer "Very quick and convenient, just a little bit expensive"
QUENTIN KELLY  on 14-Jan-2016 Verified Customer "Nice and straightforward "
MR LEONARD FLEET  on 21-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Booking process very easy."
JOHANNA SVENSSON  on 16-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "The timer is really stressing! Needed to find some info + wanted to double check so everything was correct and got really stressed by the timer. "
STU  on 12-Dec-2015 General Feedback "Quote made me laugh. Will try uber"
PAUL LITTLE  on 06-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Ease of use "
STEPHEN EWEN  on 03-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "Taxi arrived 45 mins late and as a result we missed the starter of our company Xmas meal. Very frustrating, Eurotaxi kept saying it was on the way- if it hadn't have been pre-paid we would have flagged a taxi down... After paying a premium for pre-booking, now trying to contact taxicode for discount! What are my chances..."
TOON TAXIS  on 02-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "Excellent Driver - many thanks"
MIKE RODWELL  on 28-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Booking details reset when reviewing, there's actually 2 of us tonight, not 1"
OANA  on 05-Nov-2015 General Feedback "i have reserved today(morning) a taxi for 11:30 from Bristol Bus Station going to Victoria Street 38.I was there on time but no taxi to be found,i called your operator at 11:35 trying to find out what is going on.A lady answeared and she told that the driver is not coming because he is busy and that i should take another taxi,no sorry ,i've asked her why no one called me to tell me not to wait for nothing!??she hanged up,very rude attitude!had an important metting to get to was very upseting!!!"
JULIETTE BONNET  on 28-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "No comments"
TERESA EDWARDS LARNER  on 20-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "All very professional and quick. Hoping the taxi service is as good. "
JEAN LOUIS SOUMIREU LARTIGUE  on 19-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "no"
JACEK URBANSKI  on 08-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "Tell us about your booking process experience.."
EMILY CHEUNG  on 19-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Was late with no reason or apology and for an airport transfer isn't really acceptable. Expensive when compared to others later. Would not use again."
PAUL SHEHEAN  on 15-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Very effective service"
CLAIRE BRADLEY  on 02-Sep-2015 Verified Customer "brill would use again"
CATIA CASALBONI  on 25-Aug-2015 Verified Customer "Please, pick me up in St. Paur Road n° 30"
ROBBIE SMITH  on 25-Aug-2015 Verified Rider "great service, thanks!"
MARK DIRNHUBER  on 24-Aug-2015 Verified Rider "Roads very busy as security scare Bristol airport and national rail strike so driver understandable a few minutes late but we were not inconvenienced. Great service. Thanks."
MRS E DARTINGTON  on 21-Aug-2015 Verified Customer "Ease of booking, have confidence in this taxi company !"
ANA SOFIA ROSADO FERREIRA VEIG  on 31-Jul-2015 Verified Rider ""
IAN CARR-DE AVELON  on 20-Jul-2015 Verified Rider "Nice guy, Spot on time"
JULIET DAVENPORT  on 19-Jun-2015 Verified Rider "The driver was early and called to let me know where he was which was excellent, however, he did not take us to correct place and struggled to find where we wanted to go. Given that we were only travelling from Bristol Temple Meads to a pub that was very central I was surprised that he did not know where he was going. Disappointed and will probably not use the service again for that reason (the booking was for business travel and we need quick and efficient transport options)"
EMILY DORAHY  on 15-Jun-2015 Verified Rider "Absolutely flawless service, I was a little worried because I was travelling at 3am in the morning, but turns out nothing to be worried about. Perfect service will definitely be using this each time I travel. Thank you so much!"
NICK  on 31-May-2015 General Feedback "More than double quoted price. £25 for 4 miles! Complete rip off, driver didn't have a clue and got lost. No meter. Absolute Cowboys. Called to complain and they didn't care. I'm a trading standards lawyer so will be taking steps to prosecute "
NIGEL SOMERS  on 15-May-2015 Verified Rider ""
EMILY DORAHY  on 09-May-2015 Verified Customer "Really happy to find an online booking service, was worried about needing a cab so early - so it was a big relief. Hoepfully all goes well next week, thanks!"
ALLAN TEREFENKO  on 07-May-2015 Verified Customer "As a french person that doesn't perfectly speak english, the website is very explicit, and I can't wait to see how the service will be on tomorrow. :)"
JOHNNY REDMAYNE  on 23-Apr-2015 Verified Customer "Disappointed to be charged for using a Credit Card."
WILL JONES  on 13-Apr-2015 Verified Rider ""
STEPHEN BOND  on 01-Apr-2015 Verified Rider ""
WILLIAM DAVIES  on 30-Mar-2015 Verified Rider "Bang on time in the middle of nowhere late at night, and a pleasant journey - thanks very much! "
FRANCESCA JANE BOLT  on 28-Mar-2015 Verified Rider ""
ROD PALMER  on 22-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Excellent service. On time and even managed to pick up earlier than pre booked time on request. "
CLARE MARIE JEWELL  on 20-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Driver arrived on time and txt me to say he had arrived. He was very courteous."
ANA MARíA DELGADO COLOMA  on 09-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "The taxi was 10 minutes late"
KLAUDIA PAMELA PASIECZNY  on 04-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Very good service, arrived on time! Would recommend it!"
KLAUDIA PAMELA PASIECZNY  on 04-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Very good service, arrived on time! Would recommend it!"
MIRANDA WHITING  on 28-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "1st taxi 15 minutes late getting to me apparently because vehicle sent was on other side of Bristol when sent although I booked several days in advance. The second arrived in plenty of time but with no company sticker on the car so I could not find him amongst other taxis. I could not take his call as in a meeting and had to turn off the phone. He did not identify himself when I was looking for the car. Both drivers were lovely but I was not impressed."
CHARLOTTE REES-WILLIAMS  on 26-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "Driver was about 7/8 minutes late which can affect things when travelling to airport to catch a flight "
MISS I C WOLLASTON  on 15-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "The driver never showed up and we nearly missed our exam. Extremely disappointed. Will not be using your services again."
PAULINE SAGE  on 09-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "The plane was actually earlier than airline said, even though it was late. So we had a 10 minute wait. Everything else was fine."
OLIVER HOWARD  on 01-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "Best price around for nye"
CHRISTOPHER MARTIN  on 01-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "First time we used this service . It was 5 stars with service, on time and very easy to use online booking service. Perfect! Will be using again ."
AMANDA APPLEGATE  on 01-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "The driver was speeding and your price that we prepaid for was £25 more than theirs on the meter. "
PETER THOMAS  on 28-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "completed exactly as booked. No stress Excellent service thank you"
GORKA OTAOLA  on 23-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "First time we use this service. Well impressed overall. "
PHIL WRING  on 23-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "Great, no probs"
ANNA KONOVALOVA  on 23-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "Service is overpriced"
MONIKA HANZLIKOVA  on 16-Dec-2014 Verified Customer "Although there was an option for a return journey, the system would not give me a quote for it, so I had to book two separate journeys, which was more time consuming and probably also more expensive. "
MARIELA DASKALOVA  on 09-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "I am very happy with the service provided."
TATJANA KISLICYNA  on 09-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "I'm extremely dissatisfied with your service. "
ANDREW DIBBLE  on 06-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "Easy and worked well, no problem would use them again."
JOHN WILKINSON  on 17-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "Generally good but meet and greet at Bristol Parkwat nonexistent and difficult to find the booked taxi"
DANIEL  on 12-Nov-2014 Verified Customer "Easy and Straightforward Booking Process, Thanks."
BOB PINNOCK  on 05-Nov-2014 Verified Customer "did not like typing against the clock"
DANIEL EWING  on 04-Nov-2014 Verified Customer "So easy to use, especially for a visitor to Bristol."
HAYDEN PEMBERTON  on 03-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "Everything was great but my only issue was I prepaid my journey based on your quote. The driver also started the meter which only read around £27 when I reached my destination. This seems like a big difference to the £40 plus card fee I was charged? "
MICHAEL  on 20-Oct-2014 General Feedback "Booked a taxi the night before for an early morning pick up and paid by card only to find out before I leave in the morning thaty booking had been cancelled. The cancellation only came through at 2am so there was no way I could have made another plan. Poor poor service. I would not recommend this company."
JACKIE DIX  on 19-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "On time, and friendly driver"
DECLAN MACFADDEN  on 14-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service though a bit expensive"
MANDY  on 07-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Driver turned up 30 mins after booking a taxi for the next morning, when i rung the operator to see what had happened she was very rude and unhelpful, Driver was then 15 mins late next morning. "
ANDREW WOOLLON  on 04-Oct-2014 Verified Customer "Straight-forward , efficient & customer-friendly Service."
JOANNE JOHNSON  on 29-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Cannot fault the service. I had to catch a specific train from Birstol back to London and the driver was ahead of time and he got me back to Bristol station on time etc. Very friendly driver."
ANDREIA SANTOS  on 23-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Great driver. "
MAVIS NATTRASS  on 20-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Worries removed by booking in advance on line"
MERVYN AMESBURY  on 18-Sep-2014 Verified Customer "cheapest I could find that could be booked online"
OLIVIA BARGERY  on 16-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Everything was perfect except for the fact the driver tried to charge me for the journey when I had already paid online... Leading to an awkward few moments in the busy taxi rank whilst I found the confirmation receipt email. I'm not sure he believed me! So that wasn't ideal. A shame because everything else was perfect. "
MARC HOLDERIED  on 15-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "We booked a taxi to the airport, which came so late, that we had to phone the company several times before it finally arrived. The drive itself went smooth, but then at the aiport the driver took for ever to decide where to drop us and to get our luggage out. Very unpleasant and stressful start in the holidays!"
ROBERT DUMINIAK  on 12-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Our driver was excellent. However, he was set up to fail. He was not provided with information that we had a via point, and fortunately managed to find our hotel. He was not familiar with where we were going, because he was not given the information we had provided when we booked the route. Excellent driver, inadequate recording/transmission of reservation details."
REBECA FERNANDES  on 11-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "People are friendly and helpful! Great company! "
DIANE POMEROY  on 11-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Very good service thankyou. A minor point - it would be helpful if the exact pickup location was provided as out of towners may not be familiar with the area."
DANIEL BLAKE  on 11-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Taxi didn't turn up"
CHARLOTTE DOUTHWAITE  on 11-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Absolutely shocking - As per my previous email I want a refund. Taxi didn't arrive at specified time, called the cab company directly and was basically told tough. Called again and had the phone put down on me by a very rude lady. Called a different cab company directly who managed to pick me up 2 minutes later and charged me £5 less."
VITALII VOROBEV  on 08-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "I have arrived on 2nd September to Bristol Bus Station on time as it has been indicated in my booking (National Express, Route #200). Taxi has been booked at 15.45. I waited for a taxi for 40 (!!) minutes. No cars, no phone calls from driver or taxi operator, absolutely nothing!! Anyway i took other taxi just right on taxi stop and reached our point of destination (Winscombe). Very very bad unprofessional frustrating service. And please pay your attention that my journey was PREPAID."
XING CHEN  on 02-Sep-2014 Verified Customer "Great service! Really convenient"
TRACEY BELLIS  on 02-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Good price "
ANN PEARSON  on 01-Sep-2014 Verified Customer "Booking process was simple."
ANTOINE BLAIS  on 31-Aug-2014 General Feedback "Yesterday evening, I have booked a taxi to pick me up at 7:40 am today to drive me to the train station and arrive 30 min in advance than the train I had to catch. Due to a cancellation that happened during the night and the lack of taxis in the area, I had to rush to find a taxi and almost miss my train. So, in the future, maybe you should only send a confirmation if you are 100% sure of the availability of a taxi driver. Thanks,"
MRS WENDY WHITE  on 29-Aug-2014 Verified Customer "Easy website and to book"
ISABEL LORENZO GARCíA  on 25-Aug-2014 Verified Customer "send the feedback by email"
SUSIE  on 22-Aug-2014 General Feedback "Why doesn't it give you an option to input the customer email address and the email address of the person booking on their behalf so you both get a confirmation??"
SELWYN SAMAN  on 20-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "Taxi was half an hour late which meant I was half an hour late to my meeting."
URSZULA BOJDYS  on 19-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "has been even before time which was handy for was very easy to book. i was very satisfied."
JOSE RECIO  on 18-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "All was ver y good"
OLI SMART  on 18-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "Driver was 30 minutes late and didn't know where he was going, return journey with another company was a lot cheaper"
SEAN GALVIN  on 14-Aug-2014 Verified Customer "Good Site"
MRS AMY BURNELL  on 09-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "Very good service. driver arrived 10 mintues early very helpful would recommend ."
JOHN HUGHES  on 08-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "Previous booking for same journey was £13.15 in June. Unclear why this booking £3.15 more expensive."
MELANIE POSPIECH  on 22-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Doesn't help me with my bag. "
IAIN  on 14-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Great service."
CHARLOTTE FLETCHER  on 14-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "The taxi was late and had to ring us to find the pick up location. Overall got us home in good time. "
GEMMA LOUISE SPENCE  on 13-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "No problems with pick up and things, but thought the driver drove rather fast.. Although the roads were quiet at such an early hour, there were points when we felt as though it was just too fast.. Other than that no problems:) thank you"
JAMES SKUSE  on 10-Jul-2014 Verified Customer "Very easy to use, will let you know if it works when I get home 😃"
RANDOLF KOHN  on 08-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "apart from a slightly late pick-up we had asfae journey and a friendly driver."
LAUNAY  on 07-Jul-2014 Verified Customer "Easy to book and compétitive Price."
OLIVIA GEORGIA WALSH  on 04-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Late on first journey but apart from that great service and would use again."
DAVID BUGLER  on 29-Jun-2014 Verified Customer "Why the count down timer? No time to write where to pick us up or drop off destination. "
TERQUIS FREDERIC  on 25-Jun-2014 Verified Rider "Everything was fine."
JORDAN CLEMENTS  on 18-Jun-2014 Verified Customer "Very easy to use website and very cheap!"
JOY MILLIGAN  on 18-Jun-2014 Verified Customer "This has been so easy to book. i just hope that the taxi arrives when it is supposed to"
LESLIE DAVID HALE  on 07-Jun-2014 Verified Rider " Could not have been better. Promt pickup and pleasant and skilled driver."
ALISDAIR RODDIS  on 02-Jun-2014 Verified Rider "Very efficient "
NUNO FILIPE RIBEIRO REBELO  on 02-Jun-2014 Verified Rider "Pleasant journey. On time, very professional and friendly service. "
JENNY SCOTT  on 31-May-2014 Verified Rider "Driver very rude. Didn't know the way had to use the sat nav and still got lost. "
RUSSELL COOK  on 29-May-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service! booked online, taxi turned up on time, driver was very friendly and it was nice knowing I had already paid!"
FRANCOISE BLANCA  on 26-May-2014 Verified Rider "no comment ras"
PIETER-JAN JANSSEN  on 12-May-2014 Verified Rider "The journey was good, on time and correct. "
LUCY MILLER  on 08-May-2014 Verified Rider "efficient"
ANA MARíA DELGADO COLOMA  on 08-May-2014 Verified Customer "I am very happy how I managed to book the taxi. Looking forward to get it soon!"
RICHARD HARRIS  on 29-Apr-2014 Verified Customer "Very easy to use and a good price for the fare"
PAUL HARVIE  on 28-Apr-2014 Verified Rider "Driver 5 mins late, stood outside restaurant in rain waiting. Driver wanted to rely on satnav which would have used much longer route. Driver left meter running to show cost of journey £4 LESS than the price I booked. Will not use again!"
ROB FRECKNALL  on 28-Apr-2014 Verified Rider "It'd be really handy if your website could estimate how long journeys will take. I appreciate this functionality is built into Google Maps, however these estimates aren't that accurate due to traffic, my journey took over double what Google estimated. Perhaps you could use your local knowledge to estimate journey times, I expect you have a much clearer idea of how long journeys take!"
PATRICIA WARREN  on 23-Apr-2014 Verified Rider "The taxi was on time actually a little bit earlier which was great as it gave me a head start. The car was comfortable and very quiet which was lovely at that time in the morning and I arrived at destination stress free. I would definitely use taxi again in future."
SARAH RICHARDSON  on 22-Apr-2014 Verified Rider "The driver was polite and nice, but drove really fast and aggressively- tailgating other drivers and overtaking when it wasn't necessary or particularly safe. We booked the journey with plenty of time to spare, we weren't trying to rush to get there at the expense of our (or anyone else's) safety. "
CORINA MORRIS  on 19-Apr-2014 Verified Customer "Website very good, have not yet used booking"
OLLIE SMITH  on 12-Apr-2014 Verified Rider "I'll definitely use your services again"
L INDA DAVIES  on 07-Apr-2014 Verified Rider "Very pleased with your service on Sat 5th prompt and very friendly service will come back to you definitely in future"
DIANE YEARSLEY  on 31-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "Taxi driver was on time at Heathrow, car was warm, very nice driver and a very pleasant drive home. Thankyou, we will use you in the future "
EMILY WYNN  on 31-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "Easy booking service. Driver was late, but did call to let us know he was on his way. Friendly driver, no other problems. Would use again. "
DAVID MINTY  on 24-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "All excellent. The only negative thing was I booked online and got an email but no confirmation call before pick up so I called the company 30 mins before pick up. I would have expected to get a call to confirm things! "
EVE TERRY  on 23-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "the car was early picking me up, the driver was lovely and went out of his way to get me as close to my ward as possible and the car was beautiful. thank you :)"
MR STUART MCIVOR  on 22-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "Very Good Service"
CHARLOTTE  on 18-Mar-2014 Verified Customer "Easy and quick process. Would use site again."
JACK WHEELER  on 10-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "The driver was really friendly, such a top bloke."
STEVEN GODA  on 04-Mar-2014 General Feedback "on 4th march 2014 at 13:40 i went to city center the front taxi in the queque no.604 refused to take me saying that the place i am going is not much money,so its not worth.I have to take the next taxi and reached my destination after 10 minutes.Is there a law by city council which allows taxis to take passengers who can pay only above certain amount of money?Lets say it must be less than 20 pounds?"
JENNY RENNISON  on 24-Feb-2014 Verified Rider "11 pm driver didn't couldn't find venue so marked job as done leaving us for 20 minutes out in the rain on a February night. Not impressed and not happy, all the journeys had issues. Think I should have some money returned."
JAMES MCNAUGHTON  on 18-Feb-2014 Verified Rider "Great service though prepay price was double that of the meter reading on the day."
SIMON ELLARD  on 14-Feb-2014 Verified Rider "Like the website and found it easy to use. However, taxi arrived late. Knocked over my neighbor's wall. Car had dangerous brakes. Driver did do his best to gain lost time. Overall, not a good experience."
JOHN RENNISON  on 30-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "Very good service, will use again. "
ROBERT ANSON  on 28-Jan-2014 Verified Customer "I needed a TAXI company I can pay for on card or account since my mother can't deal with cash anymore."
COLIN GOODWIN  on 24-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "Completely hassle free. Driver called shortly before they arrived to tell me the type of car they were driving and exactly where I could find them. I'll be using this service again"
MAEGAN HAAN  on 16-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "The Taxi never showed up. I waited half an hour after the appointed time and the taxi showed up neither near the arrivals terminal nor at the pick up/drop off area. I ended up having to take a different taxi to even get to my bus on time. I will not book with this company again."
MAEGAN HAAN  on 16-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "The Taxi never showed up. I waited half an hour after the appointed time and the taxi showed up neither near the arrivals terminal nor at the pick up/drop off area. I ended up having to take a different taxi to even get to my bus on time. I will not book with this company again."
GRAEME CAPPI  on 02-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "Brilliant. Thanks."
SHENAE CHAVE  on 30-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "The taxi driver was incredibly rude and hostile toward me! He made me feel unsafe, insecure and threatened! After such an experience I will never use your services ever again!!"
CAMILLA CARR  on 30-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "The taxi did not arrive and you didn't answer calls or respond to my contact requests. You owe me a refund."
BRIAN BUTLER  on 30-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent service"
CHENJIAN  on 27-Dec-2013 Verified Customer "good"
CAMILLA CARR  on 26-Dec-2013 General Feedback "TERRIBLE SERVICE. Pathetic rip-off. Paid in advance for a taxi which didn't arrive, and no-one answered the only contact number given. Worse than useless company. AVOID AVOID AVOID. "
JAVIER FERNANDEZ  on 23-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Everything was perfect "
DEAN FRENCH  on 23-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent service no money to hand over at the end, because booked on line. Taxi driver was professionally friendly and considerate."
JOHN DALTON  on 21-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "A really excellent service! I had concerns about the online booking, but your driver was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time! Thank you very much and I will certainly continue to use you and hope I will have as good an experience next time. JD"
MR. MYKOLA YANKOVSKYY  on 21-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Really good service!!! On time and really flexible. Would be happy to use again. "
CLAIRE COLLINGS  on 09-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Arrived bang on time at the location specified. "
DANNY ARNOLD  on 30-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "I cancelled my booking via telephone an hour before pick up and have not received Any refund! £65 lost . I also emailed to confirm I would get a refund and have yet to receive any response. Poor service"
MR BEN PREECE  on 27-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "Good service for a very early morning pickup"
HELENE EVERARD  on 26-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "On time, friendly driver. First time if use and would recommend to friends. Thank you "
JOHN VIRGO  on 30-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "Driver was 30 minutes late. Tried to contact you on the phone but no response. Ended up trying to get a bus to avoid missing our coach when the driver rang so he picked us up from the bus stop. We just got to the coach in time before it left. Have used your company in the past because although alittle more expensive than other companies have always had a very good reliable service so was very disappointed. "
DIMITRI GIBERT  on 30-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "1 hour later !!!! "
CHRIS AMOS  on 27-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "Good service, friendly driver, no problems with us changing our pick up time at short notice."
SAMEER ALLADIN  on 25-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "The driver on picking me up from my point of origin was roughly 10 minutes late, and had difficulty finding the destination. At times he drove too fast in what was a residential area. The drive who picked me back up was prompt. "
TONY DOUGLAS  on 19-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "Good service"
BARRY O'HARE  on 12-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "Taxi was late, missed my train therefore missing an important meeting. Taxi driver took then wrong route leaving us in a traffic jam. Overall very poor. "
CHENYING ZHANG  on 10-Oct-2013 Verified Customer "good"
VICTORIA  on 08-Oct-2013 General Feedback "Disappointing that you haev to give 24 hours notice to bok online"
JIM  on 18-Sep-2013 General Feedback "RUDE AND STUPID STAFF ON LINE"
POWELL  on 17-Sep-2013 General Feedback "price of taxi from kingswood in bristol to minehead thankyou"
CHRIS POCKLINGTON  on 12-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "The driver from Temple Meads didn't speak a word all the journey whereas the driver back to the station was a jolly chap."
CARLOS ARMANDO TORRES BUJANDA  on 02-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "All the service was great. My only comment is that the car needed a bit of investment to upgrade it. The service feels that have high standards from booking, to welcome from the driver at your door... but when you get to the car and the noises it makes during the journey are a bit of a let down"
DAVID BUTLER  on 02-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "Make booking online, then recived e mail saying it was cancelled. Booked with another company."
RAJIB SARKAR  on 02-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "The journey was very professional and nice. Thanks"
MR. PAUL BAXTER  on 22-Jun-2013 Verified Rider "perfect outward journey but cab turned up 20 minutes late for return journey, not good with 3 little ones after an early start."
RAY  on 07-Jun-2013 General Feedback "Rude and unhelpful. I phoned up with a simple query and was greeted by an extremely unhelpful staff member. She talked over my questions, didn't listen and even hung up on me mid sentence. Will not be recommending this service - had she known I was phoning to complete a corporate deal, perhaps she would have been a little friendlier! Avoid at all costs."
DEREK TURNER  on 31-May-2013 Verified Customer "Very easy to use site but the proof as always will be if the taxi turns up on time."
YUANYING JIN  on 30-May-2013 Verified Rider "Very Good"
SUE MEAKIN  on 30-May-2013 Verified Rider "Very good service, would use again for sure"
MICHAEL CROUCHER  on 16-May-2013 Verified Customer "Easy to use, straightforward. Will use again."
JONATHAN KEITH  on 25-Apr-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent driver, very chatty considering it was a 5am lift. Thank you "
IRENE BRONILLET  on 22-Apr-2013 Verified Rider "Both services that I took that day were very good. The taxi for the outbound journey arrived before the booked time while the taxi for the travel back to the city arrived just 20 minutes after I made the call. Drivers very nice and polite. "
NORMAN JAMES RODGER  on 15-Mar-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent"
ASTOUNDED  on 07-Mar-2013 General Feedback "How can you charge £14.50 for a 3 mile journey? That's obscene"
MRS C A PAYNE  on 25-Feb-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent service, friendly driver, pre-booked taxi but train delayed by trespassers on the track, the driver waited for the train to arrive as it was late - I would recommend this service as excellent. Many thanks"
ANNE  on 13-Feb-2013 General Feedback "Don't understand why the price to get from Bristol Airport to Cardiff City center is double your promotion."
ANICIA KARINE  on 07-Feb-2013 General Feedback "239 Coronation Road, Bristol, BS31RL"
JEMMA SINGLETON  on 07-Feb-2013 Verified Customer "I was booking this taxi for my sister for a surprise day out, so its great being about to book online (I am in London, my sister lives in Bristol). However, I have taken the journey I booked many times when visiting my sister and the price is quite expensive compared to anything I have ever paid! "
CHRISTOPHER LEA  on 31-Jan-2013 Verified Rider "Taxi was 5-10 minutes late, making it a very tight journey in order to get my train! Luckily I ran to the platform as the doors were closing but I hadn't a second to spare."
ANYA MARTIN  on 20-Jan-2013 Verified Rider "Driver was on time, polite, drove well, overall a fine journey. My only complaint is that the driver was not aware that I'd prepaid my journey and tried to charge me again! Fortunately he was quite understanding when I explained, but why don't you make your drivers aware in advance when people have prepaid? "
NATALIE BASSETT  on 18-Jan-2013 General Feedback "Very Rude on the phone was laughed at."
MRS JANET NEWLANDS  on 11-Jan-2013 Verified Rider "Booking process easy, outward jopurney in morning was great and taxi was waiting for me, return taxi was 20-25 minutes late, which whilst not the driver's fault, did make me miss my connecting train, so I had a 45 minute wait at Bristol Temple Meads for the next train. This was a big letdown. Otherwise drivers were polite and apologetic for delay."
DEB SIDEBOTTOM  on 05-Jan-2013 Verified Rider "Brilliant! Booking process easy and efficient, even with booking pretty late for a new year's eve taxi! Great taxi service, thankyou."
NAOMI  on 03-Jan-2013 Verified Rider "Really impressed with punctuality and friendliness of driver on a busy NY eve! Recommending to friends."
SHAUN PATERSON  on 03-Jan-2013 Verified Rider "Perfect, on time, nice taxi drivers, would book again!"
MR SAM WRAY  on 03-Jan-2013 Verified Rider "Could have taken better route - Satnav did not follow best route but when pre-paid, not really an issue for us"
PHIL CONNOR  on 28-Dec-2012 Verified Customer "I found your website very easy to use, I appreciate seeing the price of the booking in advance."
MUHAMMAD ASHRAF  on 25-Dec-2012 Verified Rider "It was alright."
ANDREIA SANTOS  on 16-Dec-2012 Verified Rider "Excellent service :) Thank you!"
ALLY  on 14-Dec-2012 General Feedback "Phone staff weren't very helpful but I managed to get a taxi booked."
ADAM  on 07-Dec-2012 Verified Customer "Very good prices and specific time slots available"
ALYSSA  on 07-Dec-2012 General Feedback "You were shit"
SAM WARREN  on 02-Dec-2012 Verified Customer "very good service and friendly staff.prompt pick up's"
SAM WARREN  on 23-Nov-2012 Verified Customer "excellent service and friendly staff. A taxis service that i'll use again"
CHRIS HARLOW  on 13-Nov-2012 General Feedback "The price your website gave for a taxi for 1 to Bristol airport (£36.75) doesn't compare favourably with V-cars fixed airport rate of £22. Perhaps you have a similar rate - consider changing your website to reflect that."
CHRIS NEIL  on 01-Nov-2012 Verified Rider "The outward journey was possibly the most aggressive ride I have ever had, not even stopping for roundabouts or lights. The return journey's driver was 30 minutes late, leaving us standing in the cold, mud and rain for 40 minutes before we phoned the depot who told us that he had just left and would be with us soon. Not impressed"
PAUL CIECIURA  on 01-Nov-2012 Verified Rider "The taxi did not turn up so I had to take another taxi off the taxi rank. I therefore would like my £12 refunded. Can you confirm when that is done. Thanks. Paul"
COLIN MORRIS  on 20-Oct-2012 Verified Rider "needed to be sure that I got to the airport on time - everything was 100% - driver called to check if my train was on time, brilliant"
JOANNA  on 17-Oct-2012 Verified Rider "Booked online - very simple and great service"
MARTIN SMITH  on 11-Oct-2012 Verified Rider "It was ok but i didn't no which taxi i was getting a lift with, and i didn't know what to do with the code.Hopefully next time i'll recognise the taxi.Thankyou."
JODIE BRACE  on 27-Sep-2012 Verified Rider "All was very good, very punctual, but the price. £12 there, £11 back, so you made a profit of £7. I will not booking on here in future, I will be ringing a company direct."
ANTONIASTUART  on 24-Sep-2012 General Feedback "Please do not publish any comments from myself or Bamdad Bastani. Ihave just sent a feedback form and I do not want that publushed. Thanks"
ANTONIASTUART  on 24-Sep-2012 Verified Rider "Waiting for explination why a one hour journey took 4 hours. Postcode was wrong but within one mile of correct postcode. No one rang the hotel to confirm this. Waiting on a call back from Bob."
YULONG GU  on 23-Sep-2012 Verified Rider "first class service, surly order again"
DAVE WYATT  on 05-Sep-2012 General Feedback "Sir I'm still waiting to hear from you concerning my taxi which filed to arrive last Wednesday. You did send another which got me to my meeting but I was very late as a result."
EFTHYMIOS MORAITIS  on 19-Aug-2012 Verified Rider "Probably due to heavy rain taxi arrived 10 minutes late. However I was promptly informed about the delay and I managed to be on time at my destination. Otherwise first class service, thanks"
SUSAN SANDIFORD  on 09-Aug-2012 Verified Customer "quick and easy"
DAVID EDWARDS  on 29-Jul-2012 Verified Rider "great organization (though the driver hadn't been told I'd paid in advance) everything went smoothly"
BEN HEYWOOD  on 16-Jul-2012 Verified Rider "Absolutely first class service, many thanks indeed! :)"
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